Jimmy Dunn

Jimmy Dunn

“Whether buying a home or refinancing one, I’ve seen it all … almost everybody completely misunderstands the true cost of their debt, and it’s my passion to educate and prepare them to manage it most effectively.”

With over 11 years of experience through the toughest of financial times in the mortgage industry, Jimmy Dunn has ‘seen it all’.  He brings a sense of true financial security to his clients when purchasing or refinancing a home.

Jimmy understands far more than just the correct and timely process of closing on a home purchase, as he’s exceptional at structuring debt within the most cost effective financing package in order to meet his clients’ objectives.  His passion and loyalty for building the right financing program for each individual client is second to none, and as such, he has saved his clients hundreds of thousands of dollars.  Regardless of the client’s financial success or lack thereof, he has an uncanny ability to identify financing hurdles, develop smart solutions, and convert them into quick and successful loan approvals.

Simply put, Jimmy just digs deeper for his clients by taking the time to educate them  on their ‘true cost of debt’, resulting in both qualifying them for the home purchase or refinance they truly need, and saving them from future debt problems.

By taking the time up front to review his client’s entire debt structure, Jimmy is able to develop a financing plan that makes the smartest financial sense for them, which is why his clients are so loyal to him in return.

A graduate of Mary Queen of Peace grade school, De Smet Jesuit High School, and Spring Hill College with a business degree, Jimmy Dunn immediately pursued his engineering degree while in his first job out of college … driving a train at Grant’s Farm (rumor has it that he saved over 35 tourists’ lives when a Buffalo charged his train).

Dunn’s career spans some 38 years in logistics, sales, marketing, and finance, from a Fortune 50 company to his own branding and design firm.  He is happily married and understands debt all too well having to fund a family of 4 kids, with 3 daughters in college at Spring Hill, Truman State and Meramec, and a son at Kirkwood High School.  He is a member of Mary Queen of Peace Parish, is involved in their ACTS Retreats, and coached numerous classes of kids over the years in soccer, baseball and basketball.  And, after a long sabbatical from his playing favorite sport since he was 8, he’s now ready to try out his new hip on the golf course.